The “I Give Up” Hairstyle.

karen haircut

From a Reddit user

Women throughout history have prided themselves on long, flowing, stylish hair. Except for those horrid 1960s beehives, sadly mistaken 1980s hairstyles, and today’s misadvised undercuts, the mane has always been a symbol of beauty.

When that mane has been removed, I suspect there may be an accompanying warning.

An involuntary loss of hair is completely understandable, as is the case with women who suffer from various medical conditions. Many women choose to cover the hair loss with a stylish wig, while others are proud to display her courage in her battle for health.

However, those who shave, undercut, and otherwise shorten their hair voluntarily are sending a troubling message. Once reserved for older women who were obviously done with the mating process, the short haircut has migrated to a fashion statement with many of today’s younger women. That statement may indicate one or more of the following:

  1. I’m too busy with my career or motherhood to deal with doing my hair.
  2. I am comfortable in my relationship, and since we’re established, there is no need to attract attention to myself.
  3. I am a full-fledged lesbian and do not want to deal with men hitting on me.
  4. My hormones have turned on me after having children and I now hate sex.
  5. I have completely given up on men.

Does a short hair really mean she’s given up? If I am wrong, please set me straight. And what’s the equivalent conscious choice for a man?



  1. In my experience just being in college and noticing different people, 9 times out of 10 if a woman has a short haircut like that [insert gender neutral pronoun] does not consider themselves completely heterosexual and are somewhere on the spectrum. I mean, there might be other signs too like style of dress and makeup (or lack thereof). Not to stereotype but I have indeed noticed a trend.

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