Why White Women Date Black Men

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Why do you see a growing number of white women with black men, but not much of the opposite? There is something strange going on. In my non-scientific observations, it appears there is at least a 30-1 ratio. But why is this situation so lopsided? Even popular television shows like Parenthood and Satisfaction have created story lines where white teenage girls fall for African-American boys. Ironically, it never seems to work out, even on television. But why the sudden Jungle Fever fascination?

If you haven’t experienced this phenomenon for yourself, your first thought may be the penis size myth. Sorry, my African-American brethren, but most of you have more short-dick European DNA than you think. African descendent men have largely cross-bred with Caucasian races since the first slave ship reached Jamestown in 1619, so the average size of black men is pretty close to that of the white population. As a matter of fact, global studies have shown pure Africans tend to be closer to average also. This idea perpetuates stereotypes of black men that started when Europeans first set foot in Africa in the sixteenth century. Europeans believed that Africans were a people without God and therefore sexually uncontrollable. Their purported anatomy and inclinations supposedly enticed white women, and is still propagated by black men even today. White men used that awful N word to put their brothers down, and black men retaliated with this rumor, which is much more effective.


Statistically speaking, according to the United States Census, roughly 13% of the American populace is “black alone” – meaning they consider themselves purely African-American. Going with that stat, and the common assumption that males to females is pretty much 1:1 between the ages of 15-64 across all races, you’d assume there’s someone for everyone across most races. Except if you’re of Middle Eastern or Indian descent, where it’s practically a sin to birth a female. So let’s dig into this. My questions were – why are all these brothers going vanilla instead of chocolate, and what are the disproportionate amount of black women doing?

First, for those of you who refuse to read beyond headlines or pictures, you probably didn’t get this far anyway. But just in case there is a shit storm, please let your sisters know that I personally don’t have a problem with interracial relationships. Many of my closest friends — black, yellow, and peach — have dabbled in various colors. I have too. My light-skinned honey Tonya was the woman I should have married, but I was too naive to realize that in my 20s. As a matter of fact, a yellow world would solve a whole lot of human problems, especially here in Murica.

As a popular nightclub DJ in Philadelphia and New Jersey during the 1990s, I witnessed what I considered the beginning of this movement. Let’s take a look at the observations I’ve made over the past two decades about Caucasian ladies who prefer a dark-skinned man. I used to think it was strictly a New Jersey thing, because Jersey is so completely f-ed up irreparably in a number of ways, but that is certainly not the case. Jersey is more normal than I could have ever guessed. Anyway, here’s what I’ve noticed.


No offense intended, Jennifer, Mary, and Susan, but with few exceptions, white women who hook up with darker-skinned black men aren’t typically the best looking white women. Again, there are exceptions, but most interracial daters are slightly overweight women who don’t spend much time on makeup or hair. It is absolutely true that brothers do love much back – for the uninitiated white suburban SAH, that means a large and curvaceous ass. Why? Beats me. That’s a psychological curiosity for another day. Many interracial daters prefer to pull their hair back into an obscenely tight bun or corn rows of some sort, ostensibly because it resembles the look of a typical African-American woman. Not sure why this is a thing, because DeDandre obviously doesn’t like black women’s hair, or we wouldn’t be talking about this. But whatever. These Caucasian women were most likely discarded at some point by not-so-nice Caucasian men due to various personality defects (on either side).

In some cases, a reason for interracial dating may involve a parental defect. The Caucasian girl abhors her parents, and what better way to piss off Bill and Barbara than by bringing a black man home for a holiday dinner. Their typical redneck Caucasian friends and neighbors now have the ammunition to sling mud for decades. She wins the battle easily — her parents will have to move for sure.

Or, perhaps the local area availability of suitable Caucasian options may be thin, especially if parents don’t live in a socioeconomically advantageous area, or if you have attended a “diverse” school. Peer pressure drives the acceptance of cross-race dating, regardless of parental influence.

Of course we’re simply skimming the surface of the sea of reasons why white women visit the dark side. Mom and Dad, honestly, it’s really no big deal.


But what about the brother’s perspective? Why would an African-American man eschew his own culture and date a white girl?

My observations show brothers who date white women, with obvious exceptions, tend to be suburban, gainfully employed, and upwardly mobile. In other words, they’re just like anyone else in the burbs, other than the color of their skin. You may find it surprising that in many situations, a Jamal may be a much better catch than a Jerry for any woman. Black men also have quite a few personality advantages that seem quite attractive to women, including an aversion to typical Euro-douchebaggery including hockey, hunting, and NASCAR.

Thanks to America’s evil European land-granted ancestors and their still wealthy descendants, typical African-American men have been playing societal catch up for hundreds of years. It’s understandable that they want to feel at least equal if not superior to their Caucasian counterparts. This is one of the reasons that many people, black and white, crave designer labels and luxury cars. And dating the white prize helps certain African-American men feel privileged, as if they’ve finally been accepted into the Euro-Caucasian dominated culture.

I still haven’t figured out why certain youngsters, both white and black, wear their pants below their asscheeks, but we’ll save that too for another discussion.


Here’s where I always run into trouble. I truly feel for Tasheka and all the other discarded African-American women. They gotta be mad as hell that all these fine-looking brothers are hooking up with some nappy-looking white women.

But, from what I’ve heard firsthand from my own black friends, there is a very good chance that African-American men had one or more bad experiences with a black woman. I’ve known several black women who seemed to have a seriously bad attitude towards, well, everything. I can vouch that black women are quite opinionated, argumentative, and, at times, ridiculously demanding — qualities not unseen in typical asexual feminists. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but most men tend to appreciate the path of least resistance. A typical average-looking white woman with a few extra pounds seems to be much more laid back than almost any black woman.

Finally, there are many African-American men and women who migrated to the suburbs or more segregated areas in a metropolis, and grew up with more of the typical American white influence. These are the kids who grew up with music played on instruments rather than drum machines, and who appreciate the artistry and legitimate musicianship of people like Lenny Kravitz, Prince, and Darius Rucker rather than drum loops and senseless narcissistic lyrics spewed by the likes of Tupac and Jay Z. African-American men and women who have assimilated into typical Caucasian-dominated mainstream suburban culture are more apt to cross racial lines in friendships and relationships.

On the flip side, yo, there are quite a few black women who prefer dating white men. Unfortunately, this situation doesn’t seem to come close to representing the numbers of the converse situation just yet. That would certainly help the overall acceptance of colorblind relationships. Anyway, here’s what I’ve noticed about black women who prefer white guys.

A black woman who dates a white guy tends to be much more agreeable and accepting than her sisters. She’s a heartbeat away from being a Valley Girl herself, but it seems to be an act. A black woman who has a higher education is more likely to date a white man. Why? I honestly have no idea, but I guess it’s most likely a socioeconomic thing.

Her hair may be straightened, and she’ll dress like a prep.  Most likely, she’ll have a more common white name like Cheryl or Natalie rather than Tamika or Tonisha. As I sat at a bar in Las Vegas recently, talking with two mixed couples ironically on either side of me at the bar, I also realized black women who date white men tend to be extremely extroverted and open-minded. Both were loud and involved in everyone’s conversations. They exchanged phone numbers. To the older more conservative looking white man’s dismay, his date befriended a gay male couple sitting across from her. He looked extremely perturbed and completely ignored them. His date exchanged hugs and phone numbers with them as her date steamed. I didn’t particularly care for that douchebag.

Now, here’s the unfortunate part. I have noticed a disproportionate subset of the white men who prefer black women are typically nerdy dorks. Think video gamers, introverted engineers, Anime collectors, or devoted Star Wars fans. Caucasian men who date African-American women may have given up on white women. They’ve typically been stuck in a small social group and failed miserably. These white men typically bring those failed aspirations to their mixed relationship, ostensibly hopeful that these black women have lesser standards, which is certainly not the case.

And then there are the groups of privileged dweebs who feel guilt for their slave-owning ancestors. These are the Starbucks guys, hipsters who, with little effort, and hell-bent on changing the world for all the wrong reasons. I’m sure you can guess why these guys may not be the best investment for a long-term relationship.

Interracial dating is a big thing today. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re not really into it, don’t try it just to try it – playing with people’s hearts isn’t a nice thing to do.

What have you noticed that you have found interesting? For more of my thrilling insights into men, women, dating, and parenting, pick up my one of my books here.


  1. Oh and Jenny we don’t judge on skin colour we judge on behaviour and manners , of which black people have none. Intelligence they have little of, and quick to call every body racist, yet being the most racist and race card playing


    1. I don’t care about royal families or TV. How can you judge my behavior and the black people who you don’t know personally? A man is much more than just his skin color or heritage, you don’t know the black guys I’ve been with and you didn’t measure their intelligence to say that. Yes, black people can be racist too, but again, it’s on individual basis.


      1. I don’t know why you respond , you’re more low class than a basement. If a woman dates a member of a race that blames white people for every mistake , it does make you a low class person I’m afraid. I bet your just a bleeding heart liberal aren’t you, well and truly sad.promote rights and respect for every race but your own! People like you is what is wrong with society nowadays. Even UK is having more and more stabbings and violent crimes due to ghetto culture and failed diversity. America has shown that integration does not work. And also how exactly would you know if you had or hadn’t been brain washed or poisoned by the media. Also halfrican means half an African. Idiot


      2. I think saying halfrican and mongrel about kids is low class. Politics has nothing to do with this and I don’t promote any rights or anything like that, you say that because your obsessed with politics yourself. I know I’m not brainwashed by the media because I don’t follow it like you do. I am sorry for the people that got stabbed in the UK due to me being a mudshark. I don’t care about your love life, why do you care about mine? Politics and racism will keep you unhappy.


      3. Nothing low class about the truth. Being a mudshark will destroy your race, and your cultural identity. I don’t care much for politics. I’m fed up of wave after wave of immigrants Any other countries would have said enough is enough . White countries welcome all immigrants where other countries don’t! You keep denying being brainwashed but you just prove how thick you are by saying you aren’t. You would not know if you had. But by your preferences and attitudes it seems you have. I don’t care about your love life as your dating a man from the most racist group of people on earth. Hope you enjoy being single as no self respecting white man wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole. And you clearly don’t respect yourself. If you don’t like my vies then quite frankly Fuck off. It’s morons like you that help with the spread of ghetto culture in us and UK. This needs to stop , ghetto culture is disgusting yet they try and make it out like its cool. It’s brought drugs closer to children and also weapons as most ghetto thugs can’t do anything without their crew to back them up. And your halfrican kid will be amongst those going to cause trouble or on the receiving end of it.


      4. You’re all over the place with your global political and social topics. Immigration, crime and drugs have nothing to do with me. You’re wrong, white guys hit on me all the time, they obviously would’ve wanted to touch me if they had a barge pole. I respect myself and other people, I’m educated and have no self-esteem issues. You’re rude, disrespectful and trying to put me down only because of your own insecurities. You gotta accept the world as it is, and not get upset by the things you can’t control.


      5. Lol, I’m not insecure at all. Wrong again Jenny. I’m not upset by you being a mudshark , just know you could obviously do better. It’s your choice and all , so should you make any mistakes you can only blame yourself


      1. Dear Lol, I Don’t have tubes and actually if you think race is a real biological thing then sorry the idiot is not this guy. P.s IQ means nothing in terms of raw intelligence but I suppose someone


      2. You don’t have tubes? So you neither have Fallopian tubes or tubes from your testes??? And let me guess you are neither male nor female, and a liberal that preaches your p.c bullshit that includes respect but yet have no respect for people’s opinions, and can only use the term racist to shut down an argument simply because , you have no real answer. How come you didn’t finish your sentence? Did you run out of credit? Lol


      3. Not how it’s done. Fallopian tubes aren’t tied together. When you got vasectomized did you get your testicles tied together? That’s the way it’s done with cattle and swine. A rubber band around his scrotum just above his balls. In a few weeks they rot and fall off.


    2. Also racism does exist, by all genetic and cultural factors I’m not “black” yet I sympathize with their struggle despite the fact they committed genocide against my “race” for centuries. In any other circumstance I would despise the “blacks” as much as I am disappointed in the “whites” for refusing to help and consistently insult their fellow human beings. It is only of experiencing life as a black person first hand that I can say “I sympathize with the ‘blacks’.” So please take your disgusting hateful rhetoric out of this world you mayo eating dip.


      1. Yet you don’t believe in race, yet you identify yourself as a race! Weird and very hypocritical of what you said earlier! Typical liberal thinking, it makes no sense at all.


      2. Whites insult their fellow beings, more like everyone else insults us by demanding our culture and way of life be changed in our own countries just to make them at home in our countries, especially when they have no intention of integration! All a lot of them do is moan like you and complain about western life, tough shit get on with it or Fuck off some where else where you can live easier. Don’t affect the indigenous population by being a failure and making society change to your level. Hearing things like black people saying I’m fed up of seeing white people in high up jobs, is a fucking insult to anyone that works hard to get where they want to be, as well as insulting as they are the indigenous population and deserve to have decent jobs in their countries of origin. The whole world is changing as people are pissed off with fucking freeloaders that want it all for them and for nothing! Free housing, loads of benefit money, free car, free university and college placements. Why even come to a country you can’t speak the language?? You’re liberal views are dumb and will be what genocides your race dumbass


      3. Oh and Fuck all of your politically correct comments, political correctness being fascism pretending to be manners, ultimate aim is to reduce the scope of free thought, political correctness is language control and language control is thought control period!


      4. I used to sympathize with blacks as well and I still do to some extent.

        But at the same time so many of them aren’t any better and Ive seen many try to take advantage of so many of the white..

        So many of them act entitled and superior and I hate to say it – but I’m thinking damn noooow I see why white folks have their reservations.

        It gets pawned off as “skin color” but it’s not as much as you think. It’s more about the overall act, the ego, the “get out of my way, you owe me a cookie” kind of attitude that people get tired of.

        This is not meant to generalize but I have seen enough to say they are no better. The whole dating white thing is more about “power” than anything.

        Racism isn’t the issue, the mentality is the bigger issue. Its old and ugly.


    3. Nonsensical, people are not stats, every person is a unique individual. When you group people like this women will not date you. when youre a racist bigot thinking everybody is a clone, women will not date you. Why? because your heart is not open, you’re bitter and you’re most likley quick to violence if something displeases you. Being a racist bigot clown is a “death sentence”to your dating potential.


      1. I bet you throw the word racist about like nothing, it’s funny how you say that but judge people with a less liberal view than you and stereotype them! Oh the irony, if only you had a brain! Such double standards


    4. Most “black” women are unattractive to Caucasians. Overweight, cocky, chip-on-the-shoulder. And downright UGLY in the face and elsewhere, seemingly to black men alike.
      However, there is a minority of “black” women who are attractive, pretty, even beautiful, and not counting ones that look Caucasian with dark skin. In fact, a very pretty slim “black” girl with no obvious Caucasian features just came in the room.
      The slave thing is worn out. Only a tiny minority of white people are descended from slaveowning ancestors. Those who are such are several generations down from the last slaveowners in the USA, the last of whom lost their slaves in 1865, over 150 years ago.
      Slavery, much of which is of kidnapped white women from Europe and the Americas, continues in the Muslim world and subsaharan Africa.

      “Classy?” Nothing classy or nonclassy about dating, f**king or marrying someone whose complexion differs. Just a matter of personal taste, opportunity and personal sense of attractiveness.
      Racism is incestuousness on the broad scale. Generally the farther apart one’s genetic ancestry the healthier and more fit the offspring. A valuable set of genes was lost with the English extermination of the Tasmanians. Englishmen even called Irish people “white chimpanzees.” English slavers transformed African slavery from a local and regional trade to an intercontinental trade. Yet it was English Christians, led by William Wilberforce, who got the English parliament to stand up to the powerful slave trading interests and outlaw slavery, first in England proper, then in the English colonies, and finally internationally, enforced by the British seven seas navy, by far the most powerful in the world.


  2. From a white woman to another white woman, any white woman that dates exclusively black guys just because they’re black is an idiot. Absolute trash.
    I can understand if you just happen to fall in love with a respectful, black American guy but to actively seek them out to satisfy some stupid fetish you have based completely on stereotypes and sexuality is pretty retarded and slutty.
    White men are the most attractive, intelligent people on the planet. It doesn’t make sense for a white woman to date anything other than a white man.


    1. So many white women with niggers nowadays, so trampy and stupid.
      Niggers are only after one thing and it’s to try and take over western countries, which is why they will never be told not to come to western countries, and our politicians know this as they’re trying to wipe out the white race by promoting race mixing to the weak minded white women (the ones that fall for it anyway). It’s about time coal burning white women opened their eyes to what is really going on. My area I grew up in was a white area , now it’s over run by hideous half nigger kids , that always have an attitude problem and are really racist towards white people!


  3. I live in a midsize Midwestern town. Black men white woman couples outnumber white men black woman couples 30 to 1. I don’t like it but thats the way it is.


  4. Fed up of seeing white woman black man mixed race couples, it’s like white women are really that thick to reproduce with a nigger and flush her genes down the toilet. Such a waste and shame. The media shows mixed race couples as normal to push this propaganda


    1. And it’s the same with all the stabbings , shootings and gangs , it’s all because of black ghetto culture being taught to your children!


  5. Anne that is the biggest load of bullshit ever, your mixed kids will come out just like their black fathers which means they’ll be thick, thuggish,wanna be gangsters, drug dealing , rapist, absent fathers and preach slavery and racism. What a life for them to have and you played a part diluting your white genes. Well done Anne you dummy.


  6. Black men are useless and it’s a fact as every charity in UK gets more money for getting black males into work as they are the most work shy, why would any white woman wanna get with that unless they’re thick. But also their traits of violence, anger , spreading racism and hatred . They are the most backward race on earth hands down


  7. Have white babies , not halfrican mongrels that are thick , ugly, racist and hate themselves, also have no cultural identity


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