About Dr. Miso N. Grey and This Blog.

fun with dick front coverSo many psychologists, so little time. Ostensibly, when you’re worried about a tarnished professional reputation and being ostracized at dinner parties for disclosing a little too much factual advice, you could be censored to a point in which your advice has been reduced to mildly helpful. Since official peer-reviewed psychology is subjective at best, I felt there was a greater need to dispel myths and distribute the truth about these illogical things we call relationships. Since my PhD is in religion and I’m writing under a nom de plume, I don’t share the same concerns. I am not afraid to admit that we collectively know as little about human emotion as we do about why we’re here.

Besides — isn’t it about time you got a man’s perspective on life, love, and relationships? It seems all the prominent Dear Abbies are of the female persuasion these days. Let’s call this balance.

In these pages, you’ll find real world opinions, thoughts, observations, and experiences. Although these findings are largely from a male perspective, females will undoubtedly find this information resourceful in their journey to understand why men view things differently. Humanity is a work in progress, so please feel free to add your two cents in the comments.

In the meantime, visit our sister blog at angryfather.wordpress.com, which discloses truth in modern parenting. And pick up the book if you have some spare change at Amazon. That would be much appreciated. Now let’s have some fun.


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